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Special Thanks for help to:

Rirek Ebonheart of Morrell-Thule
Thank you for your dedication, and your help all the time. Rirek brought some of the hardest-to-get ingredients, tried to learn Combine and Dwarf as a Troll Shadowknight and is always there when I need any help.

The Order of the White Hand (-MT)
Thanks to many members of the guild for helping me farming

Quip Quarrel
He made the "Unofficial tome to mastering poison" my table is based on. I took various information from his material, the links are included into the references below.

The Hall of Heroes (-MT)
At the same time to Bad Faction but closely all BF members joined to HoH. Both guilds are reall fine ones. Special thanks to Aluil, Thoruk and Trazina.

Greetings to the Rogues of Morell-Thule, especially to:
Nathomin, Tseimar, Brennon, Fredow, Cliaand, Alys, Ilalotha, Mlavenu and Diggle


The Safehous A must-know for rogues. Visit the Forums, you find me in the Lab
Humblebee Poison List One of the best references for poisons. Quip Quarrels list.
Nymm's EQ Poisons One of the fathers of the poisons. His work shall not be forgotten
Everquest Caster Realms One of the better poison references. Anyway, not complete.
Lomon Manor Is a general Tradeskill site but also with a poisoning section
Blixem's Guide to Make Poison Quite nice and complete.
EQ Compendium Is much better for other tradeskills.
EQ Tradeskills A bit minimalistic with poisons.
Povar Tarew Artisans This is a guild-page with a nice poison sections. Looks quite up-to-date.
The Order of the Black Rose"> Cute rogue site. Worth a visit also with a nice poison section.

I am open to new suggestions, Please post new references on the boards.