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Poison Table

The codes for the vials are: V=Poison Vial, L=Lined Vial, S=Sealed Vial. The codes for suspensions are: S=Regular Suspension, C=Constrict Suspension, L=Larent Suspension, E=Etheral Suspension. The prices are given for indifferent with charisma 95 in coppers (and will be reviewed soon). If you have missing informations or corrections please post it on the poison-board. The make and apply are the skill where working with that poison becomes trivial. They are not perfectly accurate and will be updated as soon as any mistakes will show up.

Poisons Tier I
Poison Type Make Vial/Susp Price Ingredients
Spider Venom Weaken 20 V/S 528 2x Spider Venom Sac
Giant Wasp Venom Contact 20 V/S 528 3x Giant Wasp Venom Sac
Regalis Poison Weaken 22 V/S 528 Froglok Poison Gland, Uriticating Hairs
Snake Venom Injected 23 V/S 528 2x Snake Venom Sac
Asp Poison Contact 24 V/S 528 2x Asp Poison Sac
Retinal Deactivator Blind 24 L/S 1053 Asp Poison Sac, Coyote Tail
Spine Break Paralyze 32 L/C 2520 Delphinium, Thorny Egot
Basilisk Poison Muscle Lock >40 L/S 528 2x Basilisk Eyestalk
Solvent Gangrene Flesh Rot 40 V/S 528 2x Grave Mold
Crystal Eritus System Shock <43 L/S 528 2x Crystallized Marrows
Cyclan Butil Feeble Mind 48 L/S 528 2x Cyclamine Corms, Snake Venom Sac
Putrid Bane Injected 56 L/S 528 2x Putrid Bile
Delusional Swiftness Brittle Haste >58 V/S 528 Giant Wasp Venom Sac, 2x Vampirebat Saliva
Sweet Lathyris Dizzy 68 L/S 528 Giant Wasp Venom Sac, 2x Ichor
Rancid Wolf Killer Animal 77 L/S 2210 2x Dogbane, Chunk of Meat
Anti-Elemental Summoned 77 L/S 2963 Ground Garlic, Red Hellbore
Lixt Wing Dust Liquid Silver 84 L/S 528 2x Embalming Dust
Maddening Sap Berserker Madness 89 L/S 528 2x Succulent Sap
Festering Nettle Lower Resist 95 L/S 528 2x Ashroot
Poisons Tier II
Poison Type Make Vial/Susp Price Ingredients
Athropic Sap Weaken 98 L/C 3150 2x Alocassia Root
Aching Blood Contact 108 L/C 5252 2x Lactera
Eyeburn Solution Blind 108 L/C 2100 2x Coyote Tail, Muddite Mud
Kinetic Suppressent Paralyze 117 L/C 2940 2x Delphinium, Basilisk Eyestalk
Lethargic Bliss Muscle Lock 117 L/C 1050 2x Whore's Bane
Leprous Puss Flesh Rot 109-129 L/C 2268 Bundle of Wormwood, Darkbone Marrow, Grave Mold
Brain Freeze System Shock 131 S/C 6132 2x Gelsenium Root
Powdered Banality Feeble Mind 140 S/C 9237 3x Gelsenium Petals
Choking Asmag Injected 150 S/C 1050 2x Asmag Weed
Xegony's Curse Brittle Haste 162 L/C 1050 Ash Hornet Venom, Cinder Hornet Pollen
Beast Stalker Animal 166-172 S/C 3374 Castorbean, Hounds Tongue, Chunk of Meat
Corrosive Solvent Summoned 168 S/C 3485 Putrid Bile, Ground Garlic, Red Hellbore
Languid Lixtwing Dizzy 169 S/C 1050 2x Lixt Wing Stalks
Calcium Rot Liquid Silver 172 S/C 3485 2x Kings Thorn
Dilapidating Ash Lower Resist 181 S/C 1050 2x Sooth Hemlock
Zek Frost Berserker Madness 183 S/C 4074 2x Crystal Nightshade, Succulent Sap
Poisons Tier III
Poison Type Make Vial/Susp Price Ingredients
Shadowveil Hemlock Blind 183-201 S/L 2626 Sooth Hemlock, Coyotetail, Burnt out Lightstone
Monk's Hood Aconite Weaken 190-194 S/L 3150 2x Wolve's Bane
Visionistic Pain Contact 199-204 S/L 2101 2x White Hellbore
Stiffening Ergot Paralyze 204 S/L 2101 2x Heartsting Venom Sac
Pacifying Whisper Muscle Lock 210-217 S/C 4116 Gelsenium Root, Thorny Ergot, Wolve's Bane
Metallic Alkaloid System Shock 213-218 S/L 7109 Lead Peroxide, Quicksilver, White Lead
Cranial Cryofreeze Feeble Mind 221-226 S/L 2101 3x Frosty Datura
Visceral Rot Flesh Rot 231-236 S/L 6303 Darkbone Marrow, Grave Mold, Woodrose
Amnesic Lolium Injected 233-236 S/L 2101 2x Tare's Lichen, Snowfall Algae
Essence of Rallos Berserker Madness >243 S/L 2101 2x Amanita Phalloidae, Pixie Dust
Crippling Peptide Dizzy >245 S/L 2101 2x Death Cap, Black Henbane
Acidic Dissolver Summoned >245 S/L 3887 Putrid Bile, Red Hellbore, Sooth Hemlock
Temporal Rot Liquid Silver >245 S/L 7658 Wood Rose, Embalming Dust, King's Thorn
Cyclic Vertigo Lower Resist >245 S/L 16213 2x Snowcap Amanita, Crystal Nightshade
Carnivore Mortis Animal >245 S/L 4940 Black Henbane, Snake Head Iris, Chunk of Meat
Paradoxial Peptide Brittle Haste >250 S/C 1050 Chromadrac Wing, Skyash Bile
Poisons Tier IV
Poison Type Make Vial/Susp Price Ingredients
Iron Dimethy System Shock >216 S/L 7678 2x Quicksilver, Iron Sulphide
Soul Burn Contact >250 S/E ? 2x Scorpico Venom Sac
Spirit of Sloth Muscle Lock >250 S/E ? 2x Creeper Ivy
Rending Swiftness Brittle Haste >250 S/E ? 2x Spiroc Bonedust, Skyash Bile
Mages Bane Feeble Mind >250 S/E ? 2x Ivory Poppy, Frosty Datura
Warlords Rage Berserker Madness >250 S/E ? 2x Crystallized Sulfur, Succulent Sap
Susceptible Essence Lower Resist IV >250 S/E ? 2x Nohope Moss, Snowcap Amanita
Twisting Disorientation Dizzy IV >250 S/E ? Crystal Nightshade, Black Henbane, Death Cap
Horrendous Atrophy Weaken IV >250 S/E ? 2x Shriveled flesh
Smoldering Cyanide Injected >250 S/E ? 2x Emeraldberry Cyanide
Poisons Tier V
Poison Type Make Vial/Susp Price Ingredients
Mind Melt System Shock >250 S/E ? 2x Mount Death Salts, Quicksilver
Inferno Blood Injected >250 S/E ? 2x Blood Thorn Extract, Emeraldberry Cyanide
last updated: 5.June 2002