I modified the use of that page again. The picture with the red or blue bottle now indicates that Kiky was able to make that poison. I removed a lot of lines and pictures because it was ugly and not useful at all. The style I intend to establish here may be seen at the spider venom section. If you do not agree with the given oppinion (indeed somewhat subjective) - please discuss that at the poison-board. The page is not complete now and will be completed in stages the next 1-2 weeks.

List of farmed Poisons

You can simply apply that poison without further modifications.

Crookstinger Poison
Effect: Feeble Mind I
NPC-Drop: The Crookstinger Wasp in Lesser Faydark.
Rating: 7
Retail Price: unknown
Note: That is only useful for PvP. Anyway it is a poison that is farmable for a level 18 rogue. Therefore it is somewhat useful: who expects a level 18 rogue to have a feeble-mind poison? Exactly nobody! What an advantage. Anyway, you need a ranger to track down crookstinger and dodge all that pesky brownies in LFay..
Vial of Rabid Froth
Effect: System Shock I
NPC-Drop: The Undead Gnoll Gnashmaw in the South Karana.
Rating: 5-10
Retail Price: unknown
Note: I am somewhat puzzled with that and I will inform you as soon as I got one sample of it. I am really curious what DD a farmed system-shock does. If that DD is 9 the poison is crap, at 149 it would be the ultimate PvP surprise for a level 18 rogue and should be considered as life-safer at that level. So.. the rating is actually unknown as the retail price. Like the Crookstinger it will be rather hard to get your hands on it.

List of makable poisons

Aching Blood
Amnesic Lolium
Asp Poison
Effect: Contact I
Rating: 9
Retail Price: 4pp
Ingredients: 2x Asp Poison Sac
Note: Desert Poison Cheap and easy to make, to apply and farm. Everyday&accute;s Poison. Use it and enjoy the prey&accute;s suffering.
Athropic Sap
Basilisk Poison
Beast Stalker
Brain Freeze
Calcium Rot
Choking Asmag
Corrosive Solvent
Cranial Cryofreeze
Crippling Peptide
Crystal Eritus
Cyclan Butil
Delusional Swiftness
Dilapidating Ash
Essence of Rallos

That is a poison with ingredients only from Faydwer and not very hard to get. Unfortunately the Berserker Madness effect makes it a bit less useful.

Eyeburn Solution
Festering Nettle
Giant Wasp Venom
Horrendous Atrophy
Effect: Weaken IV
Rating: 0
Retail Price: ?
Ingredients: 2x Shriveled flesh
Note: A poison from the Etheral series. This poison is the last missing one first reported by Tibis Heartseeker in March 2002. This is a zoo poison. You can hardly get your hands on the flesh and it is only a Weaken poison. Nice to make it ONE time then forget it and you will not miss it.
Inferno Blood
Effect: Injected V
Rating: unrated
Retail Price: ?
Ingredients: 2x Blood Thorn Extract, Emeraldberry Cyanide
Note: A new poison from the Etheral series. This poison was first reported to be sucessfuly made by Crillan Kidneypoker in March 2001.
Iron Dimethy
Kinetic Suppressent
Languid Lixtwing
Leprous Puss
Lethargic Bliss
Lixt Wing Dust
Maddening Sap
Mages Bane
Effect: Feeble Mind IV
Rating: ?
Retail Price: ?
Ingredients: 2x Ivory Poppy, Frosty Datura
Note: . One of the new Velious poisons. Was first reported by Crillan Kidneypoker of Terris Thule.
Metallic Alkaloid
Mind Melt
Effect: System Shock V
Rating: ?
Retail Price: ?
Ingredients: 2x Mount Death Salts, Quicksilver
Note: . One of the new Velious poisons. Was first reported by Crillan Kidneypoker of Terris Thule.
Monk's Hood Aconite
Pacifying Whisper
Powdered Balanity
Putrid Bane
Effect: Injected I
Rating: 8
Retail Price: 5pp
Ingredients: 2x Putrid Bile
Note: Lavastorm Poison. I really like that one. Good for training, all ingredients from one zone, good allround effect. The 2 points below 10 is for the lined vial and because the retail price has to be quite high or you can sell as well to a merchant. That poison is the same as the much cheaper snake venom. Anyway it is a nice trainings poison unlike snake venom.
Rancid Wolf Killer
Effect: Animal I
Rating: 4
Retail Price: unknown
Ingredients: 2x Dogbane, Chunk of Meat
Note: LFay Poison I do not like an animal-only poison. That is somewhat ridiculous. And it is expensive to make and try to buy the dogbane as a Teir´Dal rogue. Anyway - the effect may be useful and you can use it for training. For my taste it is also too expensive to produce.
Regalis Poison
Effect: Weaken I
Rating: 1
Retail Price: 2pp
Ingredients: Froglok Poison Gland, Uriticating Hairs
Note: That is the stupid version of the spider venom. It works exactly like spider venom but BOTH ingredients are used ONLY in Regalis. Hot tip: forget that poison and the ingredients too and use the spider venom. The one point in the rating is because the poison effect itself is somewhat useful. The price should be higher but I would not pay more than 2pp - after all, it is still as good as spider venom.
Rending Swiftness
Effect: Brittle Haste IV
Rating: ?
Retail Price: ?
Ingredients: 2x Spiroc Bonedust, Skyash Bile
Note: . Was first reported by Calumny of Xegony.
Retinal Deactivator
Effect: Blind I
Rating: 10
Retail Price: 5pp
Ingredients: Asp Poison Sac, Coyote Tail
Note: That is a typical carry-always-one-with-you. Easy to make, a bit expensive but really worth the price. The ingredients are sold by Gindlin or easily farmed. 42 seconds blindness guaranteed (as long as it is not resisted) is good an argument - I cannot live without it.
Shadowveil Hemlock
Smoldering Cyanide Effect: Injected IV
Rating: unrated
Retail Price: ?
Ingredients: 2x Emeraldberry Cyanide
Note: A poison that was broken for a long time and got fixed somewhen in spring 2002. It was first reported by Barrister in June 2002. This poison is limited useful - The injected series that is in general very useful is limited by the very hard farming in Emerald jungle and the high skill needed.
Snake Venom Effect: Injected I
Rating: 9
Retail Price: 2pp
Ingredients: 2x Snake Venom Sacs
Note: I really like that one. Easy to farm, nice all-round effect, cheap. A good everyday choice. That is the same-but-cheaper version ofPutrid Bane.
Solvent Gangrene
Effect: Flesh Rot I
Rating: 9
Retail Price: 5pp
Ingredients: 2x Grave Mold
Note: Unrest Poison. The effect is really useful and you can easily farm the ingredients in Unrest. That is as well usable for soloing, pvp, grouping and training. An excellent, cheap and easy-to-farm one. The comparable high retail price is because it is really useful to the selling rogue and the fact that every merchant pays around 3pp for it.
Spider Venom
Effect: Weaken I
Rating: 6
Retail Price: 2pp
Ingredients: 2x Spider Venom Sac
Note: That poison is rather cheap and Weakening is quite a useful thing. You can get the sacs closely everywhere. Anyway Weakening is not THAT useful effect so I give that poison only the rating 6.
Spine Break
Stiffening Ergot
Spirit of Sloth
Susceptible Essence
Effect: Lower Resist IV
Rating: ?
Retail Price: ?
Ingredients: 2x Nohope Moss, Snowcap Amanita
Note: . Was first reported by Dinadaan
Sweet Lathyris
Temporal Rot
Twisting Disorientation
Effect: Dizzy IV
Rating: ?
Retail Price: ?
Ingredients: Crystal Nightshade, Black Henbane, Death Cap
Note: . Was first reported by Gnef and Nefar
Visceral Rot
Visionistic Pain
Warlords Rage Effect: Berserker Madness IV
Rating: unrated
Retail Price: ?
Ingredients: 2x Crystallized Sulfur, Succulent Sap
Note: A new poison from the Etheral series. This poison was first reported to be sucessfuly made by Agra in March 2001.
Xegony's Curse
Zek Frost

last updated: 5.June.2002