19.November 2002
Hello all, Today I have cancelled my account and Kiky has left Norrath. Thank you all for your many "thank you" tells and the good time you have given me. I enjoyed it very much but it is time to move on. This site will not be updated anymore but will remain as long as Tripod will let it sit here. Very special thanks to my friends on Morell-Thule especially to Rirek, Thoruk, Bazoom and Trinatie, all Legions of Valhalla where I have spent my last time and all the really dear friends too many to name them all.

stay safe and may god bless you all
5.June 2002
As promised books, papers and merchants looks now like all other pages. The last missing picture has been added on the ingredients page: Scorpico Venom - but that all is not the main event: Finally it has come even to my ears that the emeraldberry cyanide (aka Injected IV) poison has been fixed. The name is Smoldering Cyanide and it was first reported by Barrister.
26.May 2002
It was about time to make a few promises come true =). First part of the upcoming changes affect the poison and ingredients section. I have reviewed all the information and worked my way through to provide more accurate information and a printer friendly style. Books, papers and merchant updates will follow..
25.May 2002
After closely a whole year of nothing really new here we go again. The last poison is discovered by Tibis Heartseeker. Welcome Horrendous Atrophy alias Weakening IV.

I am also working on a new, more printer friendly design as well as filling the gaps on the poison page and possibly including a training paper. I promise that forever now methinks...

Some news what happened to Kiky in the meantime:
  • Kiky has been in Hall of Heroes and in Freeport Tavern for a short time and hopes to have found a new home at the "Wind of Fates". I already enjoy it very much there.
  • At the moment, I am in level 51 and doing a lot of stupid things like fooling around with my tradeskills, get my curiosity to kill me once again and so on instead of leveling.
  • I was surprised to see around 35000 hits to the page last month. Seems you have been quite busy. Good. Keep on studying.
  • I really enjoyed my bath in the thanks tells of the MT rogues. Made me feel useful somehow. Thank you all for your support.
  • Trading kiss on the cheek for a horse... moment... am a rogue... STAND AND DELIVER! Get off of that horse and drop all your valuable stuff!
29.May 2001
There are not many news on poisoning. Twisting Disorientation aka. Dizy IV has been identified by Gnef and Nefar. I made some corrections but no big new things was coming up. I will frequently update here if something new happens or I finally release some papers. Papers: If some of my fellow rogues come up with Hi-Q articles about rogues topics, I will post it in the papers section. Really ONLY articles with high quality and ONLY rogue topics. Whe have a standard to keep up. Pictures but not the awful big ones please. You can send them to me here. It would be nice to have a rogue library here.
A lot of news:
  • The poisonous pages was down for 2 days becaus Tripod did make some kind of "technical mistake" - anyway they apologized. Thank you all for your support and your patience. Nevertheless I will find a backup site in case times get rough again. Safehouse was all in black that days *chuckle*
  • Kiky has changed the guild and is now member of "Bad Faction" on Morell-Thule. Nothing is wrong with the Order of the White Hand, I simply wanted to change and feel better now at my new home. That happened already about 3 weeks ago.
  • My guildmate Kazmi teached me Combine and the last two books "Conium´s Notebook 1 and 2" are on. We may say the book-section is complete for now. meow.
Dinadaan identified Lower Resist IV as Susceptible Essence. *cheeer* only two to go.
Crillan Kidneypoker identified Injected V as Inferno Blood. He did it again. meow.
Agra first reported Berserker Madness IV as "Warlords Rage". Compliments and thank you Agra. Good work. The poison table and ingredients are updated and also some trivials adjusted. 4 unknown poisons to go.
Crillan Kidneypoker was the first who reported Feeble Mind IV as "Mages Bane" The receipt is not broken as previously rumored.
Brittle Haste IV was reported first by Calumny of Xegony. *cheer* Looks like we progress with the unnamed poisons.
The Ivory Poppy/Frosty Dature receipt is reported (by Blit on Safehous Leaboratory) to be broken. Confirmations?
The Miners book is on now and the lost continent books has got comments. The Coniums are still missing - could somebody on Morell-Thule PLEASE learn me Combine that I am able to put the books on the page?
Crillan Kidneypoker of Terris Thule is the first one who made System Shock V aka. Mind Melt. The ingredients and poison table is updated now. I also adjusted some names and trivial levels. There is a new reference in the papers section and the boards have changed again to reflect the close relation to safehouse. Only the "General" board is kept for feedback reasons. I will also put a safehouse link on the main page very soon (when I have found the perfect spot here, am just a bit short of time now).
There is a "Credits and References" page in the papers section, the ingredients page is updated by some pictures and information about the newer ingredients and I included the safehouse boards on the board section (and deleted my rogue board). Methinks Safehouse is THE rogue board and I rather support than oppose them.
The Calcium Rot Receipt was not correct. fixed.
A lot of details changed (also the banner is now spelled right *blush*). Especially I would suggest you have a look at the Poisons page (button left). The spirit of the page has greatly changed but it is still not finished.Everybody who has not seen the ingredients page with the tiers, pricing and droprate - revisit it (button left) - that is a must-print-page.
Still not done, anyway:


Welcome all! *cheeeeeer*
Each board will as soon be placed in a pop-up window as I know how to do that. If you have hints: please place them on the general board.
The page is now closely finished. Boards are working, the ingredients page is a research dream now. The only things left are a rewrite of the additional poison page and that 3 books that are not translated till now. Papers are optional at the start. Prepare for official launch on monday.
to all early visitors

There is really a lot of work left. I have to collect some ingredient pictures, translate "Coniums Notebooks" and the "Miners Guid to Toxology" as well as link all that information, complete pages and so on. Please be patient - I will work as fast as possible. If somebody wants to help me: please show Kiky the ingredients, learn me Combine or Dwarven language or in case of wrong information post it on one of the boards please. Big thanks to all members of the "Order of the White Hand"! Guys, you helped me a lot. Very special thanks to Rirek, master of personal trade who, was never tired to support me.

Yours, truly
       Kiky Aramagoo (Morell-Thule)
Added a lot of contents and changed the designs several times. The page is online.
22.Dec.2000 Discovered the Etheral Poison book in Safehouse. Quip Quarrel had it already in his "Unofficial Tome of Mastering Poisons".

last updated: 25.May 2002